What is smovey?

Smovey is a hand made exercise and wellness tool that was invented by Austrian Tennis player, Saltzhans who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 20 years ago. It is only through his own improvement that we have the commercial product we have today. Smovey (green rings) is the original product, which took 5 years to make and smoveyMED is the new and updated version that was only released in 2018. Both have amazing health and wellness benefits as it’s the vibrations that have so many of the positive effects on the body and brain.

How does smovey work? When you swing the smovey, you will feel the vibrations activate the reflex zones on the palm of your hand, as the body is made up of over 65% - 70% water, the vibrations will travel through your body like a ripple effect (if you imagine dropping a pebble into a pond how the ripple travels through the pond) These vibrations will travel through your arm, into your spine and up through your central nervous system to the brain. This will leave you feeling more relaxed and the body prepared for movement. Follow these exercise classes with Irene that will explain each movement and the benefit of same in the introduction.
What is smovey?

Dr. Gary Sharpe

Northampton, United Kingdom

""Although I have been using my Smovey's daily for over a year now, I am pretty much self taught, but after taking this course, I realized how I have been missing some of the basic optimizations of Smovey techniques for alleviating Parkinson's symptoms. This included missing one of the core basic moves - the "golf swing" - where the arms cross the center line of the body as we swing them, which is so important for neuroplasticity and rebalancing the hemispheres of the brain. Well done to Irene for how professional the video lessons have been produced. I also find it helps a lot that Irene goes through all the exercises herself and hence I can follow, or "mirror" her movements, which is so helpful for people with Parkinson's achieve a greater range of motion than doing it solo. I would particularly recommend this for anyone who bought Smovey's without support (e.g. from Amazon), and hence without appropriate exercise training for PD specifically, who will therefore not have been reaping the full benefits of their Smoveys for the condition - in which case I do believe that Irene's routines and clear instructions and demonstrations will help maximize the purchase."

Who is this course for?

There are so many benefits to doing this course and you'll know this course is for you if you want to make improvement in any of these areas:

  • Increase mobility

  • Increase circulation

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Improve digestive system

  • Reduce pain in the body

  • Reduce freezing episodes

  • Reduce or eliminate constipation

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Strong core body strength

What is in the training?

There is a detailed introduction at the start of the course followed by 5 different videos starting off with the basic core 4, 15 minutes workout. You do this for 7 days and then move on two week 2 focusing on balance and coordination. Again, do this for 7 days before moving onto week 3 etc.
  If you feel you are not ready to move onto the following week, please stay on your own programme for as long as you need. You have lifetime access to this course, so it’s more important to stay until you feel you have the technique mastered before moving onto the following week. You can always go back and restart any of the sessions should you so wish.
Smovey is recommended by World renowned health and medical professionals: Dr. Peter Levine Creator of Somatic Experiencing (SE) “The smovey rings are a useful tool for mobilizing the body in a contained, safe way. They organize energy through sound, movement and rhythm, helping to link the autonomic and somatic (systems). This is one of the very helpful tools I use along with the Tuning Board, Body Blade, and a large gymnastic ball.”
 Dr. Zach Bush, Medical Doctor specialising in promoting Natural Medication Movement is so critical and what I would really recommend people is to look into smovey rings. They have vibrating balls that will stimulate the neurons when you are walking and it’s that vibration or stimulation that gets these neurons back in community. So you can be frustrated with the brain but realise that brain is attached to this handle here. So the more you move the more exercises and stimulation you give your peripheral nerves, the better you are going to preserve that central nervous system. Huge data coming out of there on that front so move move move.”

Dr. Ivan Di Stefano

Swiss Neurologist

"I have been working very closely with my Parkinson’s patients with smoveyMED for 2 years and have achieved remarkable results. SmoveyMED activates surfaces and deep muscles, stimulates the nervous system, supports the lymphatic flow, promotes metabolism and blood circulation, strengthens cardiovascular system and endurance, trains balance, coordination and agility, assists muscle growth, sensitises the perception, can help make locally & more.

People have often said to me “what’s the catch? If they were this good, why isn’t everybody with Parkinson’s using them?” My reply is always the same “ IF there is a catch, the catch is that they must be used EVERY DAY for at least 15 minutes for you to really feel the benefit. You will feel some improvement if you use them for 3 to 5 times a week – but I promise you, the magic happens when you use them every single day."
Dr. Ivan Di Stefano – Swiss Neurologist.
Dr. Ivan Di Stefano

Customer Reviews

Still to be convinced? Why not hear directly for some of our many happy customers.

  • Martina Sinnott; secretary for Irish Parkinson’s Association, Midlands Branch

    Martina, who had been using the smovey 3 to 4 times a week until I asked her to try them for 21 days straight and this was her email to me, 21 days later “Irene, it’s like a miracle, I notice that I have better mobility, coordination, I have more energy and I am on for longer periods. This can’t just be coincidence as I have not done anything difference only use smovey for 21 days straight”.

  • Increase Circulation

    "If I was not convinced of the benefit’s of smovey 3 weeks ago, I certainly am now. As you know I suffer with chronic arthritis and was intrigued as how smovey helped me so much. I even came off all my pain killers after 2 months of using smovey. I stopped using them and after a few day’s my pain came back and could feel my hands and feet were much colder so it was obviously helping my circulation also. I am back on the smovey’s again and will not be stopping again anytime soon." Roselean O Neill, Waterford, Ireland

  • Improve Balance & Coordination

    "I need a walking stick to walk as my balance is so poor due to my Parkinson’s however with smovey, I can walk upto 10 kms a day as we did on our recent holiday to Lanzarote. Smovey has helped my balance, coordination and so much more that I have trained to become a smoveyCOACH so I can help other people with Parkinson’s experience the benefits I have."

  • Reduce Body Pain

    "Since using smovey I feel that I have more flexibility and the pain and stiffness has dramatically reduced since using smovey. My husband gives me a smovey massage every morning before I get out of bed for 10 minutes and that definitely helps with the rigidity and gets me moving for the day." Annette Donoghaue, New York

  • Reduce Freezing Episodes

    "I find lot’s of benefits from using smovey and the one that surprised me the most is that I don’t freeze as often as I used to and this is a very welcome unexpected benefit. Now I am excited for more progress on my journey of recovery. I was so impressed by smovey that I flew from UK on my own to Ireland for smoveyCOACH training (which is something I would never of had the confidence to do before) and now I have dedicated myself to helping other people with Parkinson’s just like Irene has helped me."  Jackie Potter, England

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

    "I have suffered depression and anxiety since before I was diagnosed and then when I was diagnosed, I stopped going out and doing any form of exercise. That resulted me in becoming more recluse and even effected my balance and posture and my confidence was shattered. My daughter told me about Irene and smovey and I did her 5 week Parkinson’s course and nobody could believe the difference in me afterwards, not my family, friends and most of all me. Irene encouraged me to move and gave us all goals to work towards. At first I was doubtful but it soon started to work and I have kept up the practises of exercise, positive mindset, eating better and have recently completed a half marathon. I recommend smovey 100% but the most important thing is to use them every single day." Michael Power, Waterford, Ireland

  • Stronger Core Body Strength

    "I used smovey every single day, ,1st thing every morning when I get out of bed. It reduced my stiffness for the 1st round and by the 2nd round I feel stronger with more mobility and flexibility. It has without doubt increased by core strength which helps my balance also. I work away from home during the week so I have 2 sets, one in work and one at home and I would not be without them. Highly recommend anybody with any neurological condition to invest in their own set (or 2 😊)/" Padraig Barry, Limerick, Ireland

  • Improve Digestive System

    "Since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I suffer with chronic constipation and find smovey excellent for this as when I massage my abdominal area, the vibrations go directly into the digestive system and literally unblock you. The vibrations stimulate the vagus nerve and bring the body from a sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) . This also helps me relax, reduce rigidity and stiffness in my body and reduce anxiety. I find the 5 week exercise programme very beneficial as it gives me the motivation to carry on and I find it easier to do as I am mirroring Irene’s actions. I also feel my medication lasts longer since I have started using smoveyMED." Peter Foster, Cork, Ireland

Meet your Trainer

Irene Treacy, Founder of Helping People with Parkinsons

Irene is a multi-award winning smoveyCOACH and is also PD Warrior and Parkinson’s Regeneration Trained. She is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and a student of somatics. Irene has been working with people with Parkinson's since January 2016 and has had remarkable results with improving quality of life for people with Parkinson's across Ireland, UK, America, Australia & New Zealand. “I have such a passion for helping people with Parkinson’s and have seen dramatic improvements in the quality of life for my clients. The ones that put consistent effort on a daily basis and do the work as recommended, have without doubt the life changing results. I only want people to improve their condition so if you are not 100% satisfied with your improvement within 30 days, I will give you 100% refund, no questions asked. I am not saying it’s going to be easy…. But it will be so worth it when you have completed it. You have nothing to lose, only the pain.
Meet your Trainer

What does it cost?

The 'Move to Improve with smovey' video series can be purchased for just USD 29 giving you lifetime access to the course.

Dr. Zach Bush MD

"Movement is so critical and what I would really recommend people is to look into smovey rings. They have vibrating balls that will stimulate the neurons when you are walking and it’s that vibration or stimulation that gets these neurons back in community.”

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